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Katie studied at the prestigious Central St Martins University, London. It was here that she excelled in using unique processes to manipulate material properties and create beautiful products.


  The collection is created by blocking the copper from reacting where desired and applying chemicals to produce beautiful patina colours.


The copper patina colour depends on temperature, humidity and chemical reaction time.  Therefore, each piece is completely individual and can never be replicated.


Each piece is sealed with a high end industrial lacquer which freezes the patina process and stops any further oxidation to occur.  it also creates a beautiful lustre to the artwork which helps to reflect light from the metallic copper; resulting in a diamond finish.


The Patina Art & Jewellery collection is made by Kate at her home studio in Devon. Katie applies different chemicals to the copper and brass to make it react which creates beautiful colours, transforming the jewellery into unique pieces of wearable art.

Each piece is completely individual and can never be replicated exactly the same again.

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